Our non-profit organisation Association for helping mentally disabled people in Petrzalka, Working – socialising centre IMPULZ has been runnig a project „Together for acceptance – for the life without disadvantages” since Sept.2013.

Mission of the working -socialising centre IMPULZ is to create space and conditions for a dignified life of mentally disabled people. Impulz provides working – rehab servises, which enable the clients to gather practical skills for their everyday life or a labour market .

The project partner, a civic association Wellgiving works in a field of philatrophy with following goals: to inspire people through unconventional philanthropic projects that reduce suffering and poverty; to create opportunities and increase equality.

Project summary: The goal of the campaign „Together for acceptance – for the life without disadvantages” is to create conditions for a personal experience of public, mainly young people and employers, with the world of mentally disabled people. Through  mutual experience learning and creative contacts – the clients in roles of lecturers, evaluators, businessmen and craftsmen; through making three educative short films (“Client as a consumer”,  “Client as a cook and a host”, “Client as a patient”), through education, promotion in  public and awarding moral awards to companies, the project will enrich all target groups: the clients will improve or gain practical skills needed for their everyday life and majority representatives will deepen their personal development, inspiration, sensitivity and a sense for well doing. The project outcomes and results will be distributed into all regions of Slovakia via ZPMP members and others.    

If you are interested in the project, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at contact e-mails, stated in “Kontakt” section at this webpage.